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Under the hood You can hear the sound of a restless heart that can’t slow down so much horsepower in my hands, baby try and catch me if you can. No rearview mirror and the brakes are shot When life gets tough we kick it up a notch…

 Facing this stuff in real life is not like school. In school, if you make a mistake you can just try again tomorrow, but out there, when you’re a second away from being murdered or watching a friend die right before your eyes… you don’t know what that’s like.


HIIII i know that i was only here for half of 2013 but that’s okay because i met some amazing great people here and you are all incredible and i love you all. some of you i’ve known for years and just wow <333 ALSO if you changed your url recently then your old url is on here

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please reblog if you’re on here! this is sooo many people i’m sorry if i forgot you, just send me a message and i’ll add you in :) happy holidays everyone!

Lucy Hale - Justin Coit | 2010

so today is my blogs birthday! it’s been a year since i clicked the ‘sign up’ button and i wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for you guys. i have met some incredible people on here, and i’ve been able to share experiences with everyone on my dash whether i’ve spoken to you before or not. everyone that i follow, and everyone that follows me is absolutely amazing! thank you so much for making my tumblr experience an enjoyable and unforgettable time. listed below are the most flawless people and blogs, and i honestly wouldn’t mind if the unfollow button disappeared forever (✿◠‿◠)  everyone is special and i’m terribly sorry if i forgot to add you! 

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Troian Bellisario photographed by Keegan Allen